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Interview from Entertainment Tonight

ET: Have you ever had a time in your life when you thought love stinks?

Tyra: Oh my gosh, I've had like three boyfriends, and at the end of every relationship it was like "Love just stinks so bad, it's rotten, it's garbage, its disgusting." Also, yeah, all my relationships end pretty bad. So yeah, I totally identify with this person. 

ET: I think people will be shocked to hear that.

Tyra: All my boyfriends have broken my heart, in one way or another. They left me or I caught them cheating or something. It happens to everybody. 

ET: Oh excuse me, you are only the most beautiful woman in the world. 

Tyra: Oh God no. 

ET: I'm having a hard time buying this. 

Tyra: No. No. It happens. It happens. I had one boyfriend he was cheating on me while he was in Italy. I was in Israel and I found out. So I have eyes everywhere. So you better watch it.

ET: (laughs). So today you are doing the wedding scene, obviously you are acting, but do you get that dry jitters kind of thing when you are "getting married"?

Tyra: I was nervous this morning actually, and all last night. I couldn't sleep and I kept on looking at the clock, and I thought "Gosh I need to sleep, I'm supposed to be a bride, I'm supposed to be pretty and wide-eyed and happy." I was just full of this great nervous energy. So I did get those jitters.

ET: Do you like your dress?

Tyra: I love my dress. I think it's very simple. It's not one of those "frou-frou" old 1980's looking dresses. It's very classy.

ET: If you were getting married, would that be the style of dress that you would like?

Tyra: Actually it is great that we are shooting on the beach, but if I was getting married it would be on the sand, without shoes on, something different, with my bridesmaids surrounding me or something. But it wouldn't be traditional.

ET: We got some tape of you dancing here. Is this your normal style of dancing, or is it something you are doing for the movie?

Tyra: Actually I was trying to do a little '70s something. Even though I was born in the 70s and I don't remember dancing too much, I was trying to go for a little something. I was kind of coaching Bill along. He was doing a little robot, and then we brought in some 90's bank-hit-bounce in. I'm very Janet Jackson, you know like all that stuff, I can't justnormal dance, I have to perform. I guess that is kind of performing what we were doing there.