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Books Of Tyra Banks

Tyra Banks (Black Americans of Achievement)
by Pamela Levin

Editorial Reviews

From Booklist February 15, 2000
Although she may be not be as historically renowned as some of the those profiled in the Black Americans of Achievement series, there's no doubt Banks has a high recognition factor with young people. Levin takes pains to make sure that the supermodel Banks is also seen as a real person, one who was awkward and uncoordinated as a child, who was sometimes called "Froggy" because of the warts on her hands, and who, in her adolescent years, was so tall and thin she was nicknamed Olive Oyl. The book chronicles Banks' entry into the world of modeling, her rise to fame, and her desire to give something back by instituting scholarships and becoming a role model. A solid biography with plenty of black-and-white photos to satisfy teen interest. Chronology, bibliography, and Internet resources appended. Ilene Cooper

Tyra's Beauty Inside & Out
by Tyra Banks, Vanessa Thomas Bush

Editorial Reviews

The author, Tyra Banks , September 22, 1998
Inner beauty is just as important as outer beauty.
There are so many books about how to apply lipstick or mascara. I go far beyond that and write about sex, relationships and dating, drug and alcohol abuse, body image, family dilemnas and plain old self lovin'. Men and women will get great pleasure (and lots of laughs) from reading about my awkward beginnings and seeing zany photos of me that the public has never before seen . ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!